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About Us

Cyndi and Sally are co-founders of C & S Film Concierge, a Southern Film Concierge Company.   They have opened their "Little Black Book" that has been in development for over 33 years to make your experience here "your home away from home".  

Their experience working with production companies has allowed them to design an extensive concierge service that is entertainment industry specific, and gives you exactly what you're looking for...professional services at the best rates available.  C&S Film Concierge receives referral fees from their vetted vendors allowing studios and their productions to enjoy concierge services at no additional cost.

Cyndi Plunkett


Cyndi is the co-founder of C & S Film Concierge, a Southern Film Concierge Company and President of Southside Mediation Services.  An attorney for 33 years, she has used her legal background for service. 


Cyndi was an elected official representing Peachtree City as a councilperson for 4 years.  She has served on numerous community boards: Peachtree City Recreation, Peachtree City Tourism, various PTSO's, Encore, Development Authority, Falcon Field Committee, Dragon Boat Inaugural Committee, and many others. 


In addition, Cyndi owned and operated a successful small business dedicated to education, ultimately brokering a successful sale to focus on local politics.  Each of these experiences gave her countless contacts affording her the unique ability to share her vast knowledge with the incoming film industry.  Cyndi brings a 'can do' attitude and the contacts and skills to successfully serve as Southern Film Concierge's Co-President.

Sally Z. Herman


Sally is the co-founder of C & S Film Concierge, a Southern Film Concierge Company. 


She began her professional career at Paramount Pictures Corp., working on Webster, a top-rated weekly sitcom, and in the merchandising and licensing department.  Her projects included Star Trek, Top Gun, Family Ties, Cheers and many more.  After leaving Hollywood, Sally worked at small and large promotional agencies where her organizational skills came into play as she simultaniously managed multiple promotions and special events for clients such as PepsiCola, Frito-Lay and Procter & Gamble.  Moving to Peachtree City in 1996, Sally was able to continue to work as an account executive and brand manager, while raising her two boys. 


Sally brings over 33 years of combined experience in client service, brand management, event planning, marketing & promotions and merchandising & licensing to C & S Film Concierge

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