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Delivering Personal Services to Cast & Crew Members


Making your Georgia experience Your Home Away From Home.

We will provide access to everything from tutors, mobile massage therapists, fitness trainers, dog-walkers and more.  

All brought to your door; on site or to your temporary home.  

You need it?  We've got it in our "Little Black Book".


Personal Care

It's never a bad hair day in Georgia.

Need a little "me time"?

We've got the staff ready to handle all your personal care wishes.


  • Mobile Massage therapist

  • Nail technician

  • Stylists

  • Makeup artists

  • Chiropractor

  • Pilates instructor

  • Yoga instructor

  • CrossFit instructor

  • Personal fitness trainers

  • Personal shopper



Great Aunt Betty will pull out the sofa-bed or we can arrange a 5-star suite.

It's up to you.


  • Welcome baskets

  • Hotels

  • Bed & Breakfasts

  • Private homes

  • Local "Host"  homes

  • ​Weekend getaways; lake, mountain and Florida beach getaways

  • Pre-stocking before arrival

  • Housekeepers

Life Issues...

Life is rarely as seamless as in the movies. When things don't go as planned, we have the perfect support to make your

day-to-day needs met.


  • Tutors

  • Babysitters & nannies

  • Personal chef

  • Computer technician

  • Cleaning & laundry

  • Dry cleaning - deliver & pick up

  • Party planning

  • Reservations


Recreation & Activities

It can't be all work.  

Whether it's a couple of free hours

or a long weekend,

let us share our backyard.


  • Golf cart + over 100 miles of cart paths     = our type of fun

  • Tennis

  • Hiking

  • Fitness - cross-fit, yoga, pilates, gyms

  • Swimming

  • Golf 

  • Biking

  • Rock Climbing

  • BMX Track

  • Boats - pontoon, kayak, canoes and even dragon boats

  • Skate Park

  • Paintball

  • Atlanta Motor Speedway

  • Laser Tag

  • Batting cages

  • Restaurants

  • Nightlife

  • Concerts ~ local and Atlanta

  • Stables

  • Whitewater rafting

  • Local road races, mud runs, triathalons and more

  • All sports 




The yellow pages can be especially daunting for healthcare needs.

Our professionals are individually recommended by us after

our 26 years in Fayette County.


  • Dentists

  • Holistic medicine

  • Chiropractors

  • Home healthcare

  • Pharmacy - delivery & pick up





Pet Care

What does a pet say?

"Thanks for bringing me!"

Our pets are part of our family,

we'll treat yours the same.


  • Dog park

  • Boarding

  • Dog walkers and dog runners

  • Pet sitters

  • Veterinarian 


If a golf cart won't get you there,

we'll arrange a boat,

plane, train or automobile.


  • Airport Meet & Greet

  • Chauffeur

  • Limosine

  • Car rental

  • Golf cart rental

  • Bike rental

  • Rental pilot/airplane


Pre-Arrival Grocery Stocking...

When you don't have the time, we do.

You're tired, you're hungry and you just want to unpack in your new surroundings or settle in after a long day on set.

What better way to get settled in than to walk in to a fully stocked kitchen and more.


  • Use our easy to fill out menu

  • Well-known brand names available

  • Local favorites

  • Organic fruits, vegetables and meats

  • Fresh flowers

  • Your wish is our command

Residential Real Estate

If you are looking to buy a home, we have experienced, trusted, real estate brokers with experience in the Entertainment Industry that can help you with any home on the market or locate the best builder to suit your needs.  Call for more information.


  • Real Estate Agents

  • Lenders with knowledge of the intricacies of the film industry

Community Support

Our 2nd cousins-once-removed work all over Fayette County.

Let us make the call to solve all.


  • City and county managers

  • Elected officials

  • Key courthouse personel

  • Local churches and ministers

  • Lawyer, accountant and notary


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